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30-Day Challenges are all the rage these days. Every new year, new season, new need, a quick Google search and a click on the “images” tab can get you a slew of challenges. Challenges from squats to push ups, from savings to credit card pay offs. But why do you keep falling short of those goals? You set them at the beginning of the year, the month, the week (because who in the WORLD can start anything in the middle?!). But still failure impedes.

You’ve repeatedly attempted success. Now we’re here in 2017 and the same lists of resolutions are haunting your annual to-do lists. But over the last 3, 5, 10 years you just never seem to be able to get a jump start. Or maybe you DO get started, but never can find the focus; the stamina to complete what you planned.

30-day Challenges

You are not alone.

The N.E.R.D.s and G.E.E.K.s of comp735 ™ LLC. have had the same shortcomings in past years and we’ve learned we’ve been too hard on ourselves. We’ve done the google searches and found the 30-Day Challenges and we’ve just really found that trying to do it the way everyone else was doing it was not working. Sometimes it’s not about the quickest results but consistent smaller successes over time that make up the bigger accomplishments. So with this post, we hope that we can encourage and motivate you to make steps in the right direction this year.

The areas we’ve seen our most consistent success in are :

1)      Saving Money

2)      Eating Changes

3)      Working Out

In each of these categories there have been individuals on our team that have done better than others and we have gathered a few of our best demonstrated practices together to share with our comp735 Martians. If you want a full run down subscribe to our blog and we can get you all the information you want to know.


30-Day Challenge

The 30-Day Challenges related to money are actually not that horrible, but we have tweaked them just a tad to give you that extra “oompf” of motivation! By making a few key savings adjustments we have put our heads together and figured out a formula that in three years has saved a majority of us $8.2K. What would you do with $8,200.00? Many of us put down payments on homes, paid off credit cards, paid the remainders on our vehicles, paid off student loans, and some just decided to keep it in savings and build more on top of it. You have to make it a point (even in the midst of all the bills floating around) to commit to having “rainy day” money. It has saved plenty of us, plenty of times. And we hope our strategy will do the same for you.


30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenges related to food are a more difficult to commit to on a monthly basis. And it’s not even because people don’t want to eat healthy. Part of the reason why fast food and quick pick-up foods are burning a whole in our wallets (and adding inches to our guts) is because we don’t have time to cook or food prep. Changing our eating habits is such a difficult feat because of the time factor. All the freshly cooked food, and prepping for meals, and adjusting to the taste of healthier choices can all be overwhelming when done all at once. It’s time you get started with something that is a realistic plan for you and your schedule and that can get you on the path of consistency.


30-Day Challenge

UGH! The most sought after resolution that ultimately becomes the back burner chore. I hate working out, most of my colleagues hate working out, and typically we have to use a million things to psyche us out but it usually doesn’t work. That picture on the fridge from when we were 7 sizes smaller doesn’t motivate us. The steps counter has lost its appeal after a while. And when greater than a week has passed by (and you haven’t worked out) the whole idea of it all is “shot to bloody hell” (said in the British accent that I luv but definitely don’t have). 30-Day Challenges in this category are probably the most difficult, but it may be that you’re making them more difficult than they have to be.


Go big or go home, doesn’t apply to the strategies we’ve used to become successful in these three areas. We are re-introducing methods that embrace the idea of “baby steps.”

If you know that something isn’t your strong suit, don’t try to do it like someone who’s level of difficulty is zero. Find the people who have met with struggle and find out how they’ve overcome… Look no further. We’re right here! You may just find that what we’ve encountered, is what  you’ve encountered. You may find that our simple tools can repair your past failures and uplift your spirits enough to take on more challenges even beyond our starting points.

Take your curiosity beyond interest and subscribe to our blog to get the details needed to give you the push forward you need!


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