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A month ago a local GA newspaper revealed a massive lay off in a small GA city; this layoff affected several of comp735™ LLC ‘s clients as well as contractors who have worked with us in the past. So many households changed by this corporate decision tugged at our heart strings and inspired the blog : comp735 Next Steps™ . While the focus is on helping Georgia residents (as they tough it through the unexpected tempest caused by decisions that do not favor employees) much of the information can help anyone who is in the crux of a similar situation. We do not claim to be experts, but we are decent researchers (and creatives). All info should be a start to your own personal research to ensure the full scope matches your personal needs.


This is a place of positive energy not a place to bash former employers.

The company that let you (or your friend… or your spouse.. or your family member) go, lost an awesome individual who still had something to contribute. But you let them win if you don’t move on and be the best version of yourself that you can be. Bad mouthing and bashing lacks grace and it hinders you from receiving grace in the next steps of your life. Find inspiration in the release— Leave them so far in the dust that their forced to bite it.

Take everything with a grain of salt.

As mentioned above we are not experts we just find stuff and post it.  This isn’t some massive operation in 3 regions on 7 continents. In most cases it’s a handful of people doing very minor research – some of which are volunteers because they want to put good energy out into the world and you just happen to be in the right place to see it. We do not make any promises about content or anything that we provide as downloadable content. It is your responsibility to your success and future to do the research necessary for your situation to get the most out of what we share.

Give back to this effort.

This may seem bold and blatant, but time is money and all parties providing you info are spending time and missing out on money to get you this info. There is a LOT of information on the Internet, but we also have conversations with ACTUAL human beings *gasp* in PERSON. And when that happens now, gas along with time is a factor, as well as quality time from family and friends. In anything that is blessing you, find a way to be a blessing back. You can do that on this site by :

subscribing to the blog | sharing the blog and tagging us on social media (we’re on IG & FB)| volunteering | purchasing advertising space on the blog | adding your product or service to our directory (AND being a stand up candidate after the fact) | purchasing from our affiliates (we’ll make sure you’re aware of which purchases can help us) | suggesting topics you’re interested in knowing more about | keeping us aware of bad sites or bad info so that we can double check and update old info accordingly

I think you get the picture. Long story short don’t just leech the info; be a contributor to its success.


comp735™ LLC is a creative services company that has been serving the Atlanta Metro Area for over a decade.

Our team of Moments Specialists and Vision Consultants work hard to provide our clients a variety of quality services including :  photography | graphic design | videography | apparel & product promo design | social media + marketing + business + occupational consultations | document edit/review/design | presentation design | slideshows | event support | and anything our clients can think of to take their vision to the next level.

Comp735™ LLC Contributions…

  • Social Media, Marketing, Business, and Occupational tips
  • Service and product discounts (for subscribers only)
  • Downloadable documents (for subscribers only)

comp735™ LLC is an umbrella to several brands that research niches and pool it into their individual cyber “galaxies.”  Below are the additional team of contributors.


Max Garden Galax™ is a “galax(y)” of gardening, remedy, and

approaching life holistically. It is one of the newer brands and is just getting its footing with helping the masses understand the importance of health and wellness research.

Max Garden Galax™ Contributions

  • Budget Gardening Tips / Hacks
  • Peace, inspiration, and exercise info
  • Grow your own food Info
  • Home remedies
  • Downloadable content (for subscribers only)
  • Contests and Giveaways (for subscribers only)


NERD Girl MAX Galax™ is a “galax(y)” of nerdom, geekity, and the interests in between. It has been around only slightly longer than Max Garden Galax™ and has gained a small following of NERDs, BLERDs, and GEEKS (both male and female).

NERD Girl MAX Galax™ Contributions

  • Life and Technology Tips / Hacks
  • Movie, TV, and Streaming Reviews
  • NERD, BLERD, GEEK culture info
  • Travel, art, and creative inspiration info
  • Downloadable content (for subscribers only)
  • Contests and Giveaways (for subscribers only)


From Ad-Libs To Zephyrs™ is the official blog of comp735™ LLC. Its niche is that it doesn’t have one. It is literally a blog about anything “From A to Z” (hence the name). Our largest team of researchers and bloggers work on this project and is where we invite guest bloggers to contribute from their own blogs.

From Ad-Libs To Zephyrs™ Contributions


Although this effort was inspired by heart-tugging circumstances, we are honest about it still being by a for-profit company. Part of that honesty includes informing you that we are participants in more than one affiliate program. This doesn’t change the research that we do, it just makes it so that if you like any of the products we mention in the blog, click on it, and make purchases then you have done your part in giving back to this multi-faceted effort. We thank you in advance.

Amazon Affiliate Blurb: We are [participants] in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Viglink: We are [participants] in Viglink’s affiliate advertising program (also) designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites.


Remember to send us suggestions, questions, or just info that you think will be helpful to anyone displaced. Subscribe via Bloglovin so that you can get our newest content first (also some features of this blog will ONLY be for subscribers). And that’s pretty much it. Well that’s our intro. We are excited. We hope you are too!




Researchers at comp735™ LLC. (From Ad-Libs To Zephyrs™ + MaxGardenGalax™ + NERDgirlMAX™)


A blog dedicated to helping the displaced, laid off, and fired.


Starting today : April 8, 2018


Site: www.comp735.com/nextsteps

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/comp735nextsteps

Instagram: www.instagram.com/comp735nextsteps

Facebook : www.facebook.com/comp735consults


A month ago several of comp735™ LLC’s clients and some of our contractors were affected by a massive lay off. And we thought… why not start building something that can help people begin again.

HOW (it works) :

We research. You subscribe. We all respect each other.




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