comp735 creative services

a brief history…

Grown from the scattered seeds of freelancing in Philadelphia’s Metro area, comp735™ LLC transitioned to Atlanta’s Metro area in 2007. Their intent? To utilize its team of photographers and graphic designers to their fullest potential, and aim to offer services that respect client vision while not breaking the client’s wallet along the way.


FORMTheir slow permeation began with publication in the “one-of-a-kind anthology” FORM: Artistic Independence 2008, Atlanta a visual display spearheaded by Marcus Williams II and Jamie England.

comp735 was one of 46 chosen to be a part of a community of creatives who presented their work as a “collective pictorial/provocative survey of where the arts stand today in Atlanta and where they are headed in the future.”

That experience pushed comp735 to go beyond the basic scope of their services, while maintaining their mission of “simply noticed” photography and graphic design to the benefit of clients (and wallets) throughout Northern Georgia.


PMU Woman Magazinecomp735’s focus paid off when their reputation for quality work at an affordable price got the attention of the publisher of PMU Woman Magazine. The recognition led to the opportunity to shoot the cover of its Special Edition Spring-September 2011 issue, which elevated comp735’s status as Atlanta’s best kept secret.





Local Atlanta Client Design Work (Logos)

With a spreading buzz, the commercial arena and non-profit sector started paying attention to what comp735 ™ LLC had to offer. Commercial companies and organizations focused on comp735’s photography and graphic design services for their pharmaceutical products, fashion, literary entertainment, music production, non-profit fundraising, logo creation, new business promotion, and event photography needs.


RANDAF Fight Diabetes Now

With an abundance of projects showcasing comp735’s creative skills, it only made sense that individual talent would start to shine. Soonafter, comp735’s cj becamethe Director of Marketing and Social Media at Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc. (RANDAF).

In this role cj worked directly with the President/CEO Mutima Jackson-Anderson as well as colleagues within RANDAF, Inc. to launch events and continue community efforts aimed at spreading understanding about diabetes and its direct (and indirect) effects on its victims.

At the crux of these efforts were : social media marketing, mobile marketing, Internet marketing, advertising, design, photography, and strategy.


In a rare occurrence the caption of this creative spaceship did a live interview during the summer of 2014 with Ash Said It’s iconic public speaker Ashley Brown, expressing how the luv for photography and graphic design all started with a single mother’s small purchase of a vintage Cabbage Patch Kids 110 camera with a candy bar flash at a consignment shop.


(click below to listen to the Captain of comp735 ™ Interview with Ash Brown)


A popular quote that people like to throw around is : “Jack of all trades, master of none.”
Below is the comp735 captain’s response to this quote :

People get so hung up on saying the same things decade, after decade, that they don’t even think about what they’re really saying. It just sounds good (to them) because it’s a figure of speech that has been in circulation for so long. The idea of being creative is such an explosive, exploratory journey of serendipitous discoveries, that stifling it with suggestions like “niche” or “focus” would be the start of a homogeneous tragedy.

What comp735 ™ LLC prides itself on, is the ability to be fluid with technology and client visionary needs. We don’t aim to be the best, but to do our best. And when we are considered by others to BE the best we humbly accept the compliment and use that momentum to fuel our passion and approach to our next project.


comp735 ™ LLC continues to make its quiet but indelible mark in Atlanta, its surrounding cities, and beyond. Offering photography, graphic design, apparel design, social media consultations, marketing consultations, business consultations (when you work for yourself), occupational consultations (when you work for someone else), event planning support, and more to get their clients’ “simply noticed.”