International Day of the Girl : #FREEDOMFORGIRLS

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 Who : Beyoncé and Salma Hayek (co-founders of Chime for Change)
What : Music video dedicated to International Day of the Girl / (produced by Chime for Change & Global Goals) #FreedomForGirls
When : Wednesday 10.11.17
Why : Because if the future is female, our girls need the freedom and fire to make it into the future.


Wednesday was a very long, never seeming to end day. However, no matter the sometimes monotonous nature of my daily tasks, I aim to finish out each day informed and inspired. The nerd life of a creative is not always as “glamorous” as a reality show with EDM music and cutaways, but the Internet is an abundant source of information. In the time that an auto-Instagram video can share its truth (60 seconds or less), my entire mood can be brightened. The gleam on my soul today was finding out that 10.11 is International Day of the Girl. # FreedomForGirls 


In 2011, as the result of youth advocacy around the world, the United Nations declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child. Its mission is “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.” It’s a day when activist groups come together under the same goal to highlight, discuss, and take action to advance rights and opportunities for girls everywhere… October 11 is not just a day; it’s a movement. A worldwide revolution. We want ourselves, and girls everywhere, to be seen as equals, in the eyes of others and in our own eyes.— # FreedomForGirls
Imagine me, N.E.R.D. Girl MAX™ warrior for the empowerment of nerds and geeks as a whole (but even more of a fire-breathing dragon for the females orbiting the universe) almost missed out on a day seemingly created with my passion in mind… #FreedomForGIRLS (yep has it’s own hashtag and everything). The passion that burns inside me for “freedom” is not just a freedom from physical bondage; it’s letting freedom “ring” in all categories where the need for freedom applies.

That is why nothing hypes my adrenaline up more than Beyoncé’s “Freedom” track from her 2016 visual album  Lemonade. And before you read the above and decide that every woman of color is a part of the Beehive (BeyHive?), know that I am not. But that speaks volumes for her ability to inspire even those who are not die hard fans. Anywho, once I saw Beyoncé’s “Freedom” video revisited and updated to include lip-syncing powerhouse girls from all over the world, lending their spirit and energy to the facts screaming alongside their movements; I couldn’t help but be drawn to the electric energy of International Day of the Girl.

Nothing brings me closer to proud tears than seeing the next generation of unicorns angry with the laser-focused fire of freedom in their cross hairs… – N.E.R.D. Girl Max™

The future is female. Plain and simple. No disrespect to men (unless your aim is to disrespect women) but it’s time for an Earth-shattering change. There has been a blatant failure in the past to put humanity before greed, and it has poisoned the well so massively that nothing of the old can handle anything of the new. There’s nothing in the world more capable of adapting to change than a woman. And since all women start out as girls, this next generation of girls will be the change, that they want to see in the future.

I truly respect Beyoncé and Salma Hayek Pinault’s co-founded initiative with Gucci CHIME FOR CHANGE.

CHIME FOR CHANGE… is a global campaign to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world, with a focus on using innovative approaches to raise funds and awareness for Education, Health and Justice projects. Through the power of crowdfunding, CHIME FOR CHANGE has funded more than 400 projects in 86 countries through 144 non-profit partners reaching hundreds of thousands of girls and women around the world. —

With innovation at the forefront, they are grabbing the masses by the collar and demanding their attention as they become the trailblazers for a movement that is expected to be the avenue of active change by 2030. And in the true fashion of women on a mission, all faces of womanhood are gathering to invoke change in each other to inspire change around the world. And it’s starting with the girls…

The rumble in my heart for the statistics related to child marriage, human trafficking, and education flashing throughout the video, was so strong as I saw these girls expressing that despite this we as girls will persevere… LEMONADE BISH!

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