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@NERDgirlMAXWho : Director Spike Lee
What : Re-Boot of the movie She’s Gotta Have It as a TV Show
When : Streaming now
Where : On Netflix
Why : Because if you’re in luv with the west coast black girl movement of Issa Rae’s INSECURE, then you will be completely enamored with how the supernatural strength of modern womanhood plays out on the east coast.

Under the weight of a-a-all the blog posts I’ve been pining to put on my fingertips and get in front of the eyeballs of my fellow Martians, Fans, and Followers; a simple #SocoSunday of streaming landed me in front of Spike Lee’s SHE’s GOTTA HAVE IT. Suffice it to say : weight lifted.

East Coast Black Girl Magic

As much of a Spike Lee head I scream to be; I haven’t seen the original 1980s movie of the same name. And in the enveloping sea that is Netflix Original streaming I somehow (sarcastically typed) missed the title of the TV Show completely! That is until a passing colleague brought it to my attention, and several passing “co-signers” vouched for its worthiness of time.East Coast Black Girl Magic

So here I am, on a Sunday and in less than 7 minutes .. just like that.. I’m a fan.

Starting my journey into the visual sway that is SHE GOTTA HAVE IT, has been about an awakening; a re-kindling, a re-defining of what it means to be “woke.” The more and more we all become adults it’s apparent that we are less and less of who we used to be. In the midst of injustice and movements the only thing “woke” has meant lately is how much a person recognizes the years of bamboozlement bestowed upon so many in the past. But “woke” after I started streaming SHE’s GOTTA HAVE IT has become about me waking up from the slumber of creative suppression. Creativity as a brand, as a career, as a service, is profitable, but it smothers the soul. For me (like Jamie ) it has caused me to talk about my passion for life, as if I’ve been deprived of it; because I have.

East Coast Black Girl Magic

This show at a glimpse? East Coast Black Girl Magic

It’s about one woman finding herself, on her own terms, to the success and failure of herself. It’s her friends, and her lovers, as balancing acts are performed, sometimes to the detriment of the fragile fabric that relationships can be when they matter (and when they don’t). It’s learning from mistakes, and not settling when the dust settles. All set to classic jazz, retro hip-hop, neo-eclectic soul, rejuvenated compilations, and all the music you’ve never heard of but glad you found watching these episodes. And if you think you’ve already seen, heard, experienced this story. Then you haven’t let Spike Lee re-tell it to you.

East Coast Black Girl Magic

My gaze into Spike Lee’s Latest “joint” put me in a trance normally reserved for peering into a midnight campfire. I couldn’t tear myself away. I didn’t want to.. I still don’t. So many of the topics touched on in SHE’s GOTTA HAVE IT aren’t new, and some may argue that Spike Lee’s approach to characters (even MARS as an homage to his younger self in just about all of his previous creations), scenery, location, and ACCURATE BLACK HISTORY aren’t either, but MAN.. The execution of this re-boot has a freshness that doesn’t just come from seeing Spike Lee’s creation in high definition with no grain. It is a distant lightning strike flashing a piece of every woman’s narrative, anecdote, insecurities, tragedy, sexual prowess, Martian Antics, and overall MAGIC. East Coast Black Girl Magic

An empowering effort that jolts the third eye : higher consciousness – on a “diastopian” level.


Be open.. Love yourself… have [at] it.

East Coast Black Girl Magic.

East Coast Black Girl Magic

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