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Taylor Swift is probably best known for making hit songs and being a country pop singer. However, now she has re-invented herself as a pop superstar with her album :  1989.


Taylor Swift 19891989 was named in honor of Taylor Swift ‘s birth year and was inspired by 80’s pop music. The album explores different genres like synth-pop, electro-pop and dance-pop.

On the opening song Welcome to New York, Taylor sings about her love for the city after moving there in March 2014 by saying, “Welcome to New York/It’s been waiting for you/Welcome to New York, Welcome to New York.”

The second track, Blank Space, portrays Taylor as : “an overly attached man-eater who dates for songwriting material.”

On songs like Out of the Woods, Style and I Wish You Would, she sings about her ex-boyfriend, former One Direction member Harry Styles.

Harry, who made his solo debut 7 months earlier on May 12, 2017, started dating Swift in November 2012 (although they weren’t officially seen until December). The big talk was their “matching necklaces” but by January it was over. That’s them in a nutshell. Cool necklace though. (Click the necklace to get your own).

All You Had to Do Was Stay was inspired by a dream that Taylor had and not by a relationship. She also sings with a high-pitched voice when she says, “All you had to do was (Stay!)” This song is comparable to Stay Stay Stay from Taylor’s Red album.

Shake It Off is ‘an anthem for all of Taylor’s haters out there with Swift saying, “Players gonna play, play, play, play/And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate/ Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake it off/ I shake it off, I shake it off.”

Bad Blood is a song about an unnamed female artist who was once Taylor’s good friend, but now she is her worst enemy.

On Wildest Dreams, Swift wants her lover to remember their best moments even after they’re over.

How To Get the Girl (video below) is ‘an instructional manual for guys.’

This Love is a song that finds Taylor pondering on the cycles of her relationship. Sometimes it’s good, other times bad, but regardless, it’s still love.

I Know Places talks about the difficulty of a high-profile couple finding privacy from paparazzi and gossip magazines. This could be referencing the media circus that Taylor and Harry had to endure while they were dating. 

On Clean, Taylor teams up with English singer Imogen Heap. She sings about how her romance with her boyfriend. After she lets go of the guy, she finally feels clean now after the storm has passed away.

In conclusion, I love this album by Taylor Swift. I love everything about this album. The songs, the lyrics and even the 80’s inspired music. This is my favorite one by her so far. I recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of Taylor Swift and even those who aren’t, because this album could change what you think you know about Taylor’s sound.

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